Michele Girash endorses Angella


When Angella MacEwen let me know that she was seeking the nomination in Ottawa Centre, I didn’t take a breath before asking what I could do to help. As a long-time NDP campaign manager, campaign director, organizer and activist, I’ve worked with hundreds of candidates in countless campaigns and ridings – candidates like  Nickel Belt MPP France Gèlinas, Saskatchewan MLA Vicki Mowat, Nova Scotia Cabinet Minister Ramona Jennex, MPs Claude Gravelle and Charlie Angus and so many more, and of course,  our own Paul Dewar. And through this experience over the past decades, I’ve learned that we need people in the House of Commons like these folks...people like Angella McEwen.

Angella has what it takes to win this riding, and to be an MP who will represent everyone in Ottawa Centre.

Angella intuitively understands the issues that matter – that until all of us are okay, none of us are okay – that the decades of neoliberal policy making at the hands of a small group of cronies who have no understanding of the struggles of most people have left us with a country that leaves far too many behind.

Most importantly, Angella has the solutions for these problems. Her work as a labour economist is second to none. Working in labour myself, it’s a frequent occurrence for me to be working on a project – something on precarious work or public services – and one of the first questions I ask is “I wonder if Angella McEwen has written about this?” and more often than not, she has – and she’s written wise words – words informed by fact, by evidence, by a passion for making things better for people who may have lost hope.

Please join me in supporting Angella in this nomination race, and in the election that will soon be upon us.

In solidarity, and in sisterhood,

Michele Girash


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